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Can you imagine a world where the college study does not require you or your relatives to pay for textbooks. Potto Project NFP is organization that work to remove this cost. Potto Project was awarded 501 (c)(3) status recently and since then Potto seeks funding and seed money to continue its operations. Potto's mission is to create high quality STEM open content textbooks and auxiliary materials which can be accessed and used by anyone who has an internet connection. Potto eventually hopes to be at a point where most of the textbooks used in undergraduate STEM programs will be offered on Potto Project. Potto Project NFP intends to serve like a public library, with a twist. In Potto Project, there is no limit on how many times you can borrow the textbooks or how long, the textbooks are always available and updated. Potto rely on community support for hosting and development. Donate and help us build better textbook for a better education.

Potto hopes to achieve:

To increase the size of the textbooks and their number of textbooks and the expansion of calculators' functions. Make these textbooks available in various formats, and Encouraging others to join in contributing to the writing, adding ideas and adoption of these textbooks.

Beside the direct benefit, you have opportunity to be part of something big. You can be part of a revolution where textbooks are free and available for you and your friends everywhere you go.

Currently, Potto is undergoing a transitional period where we are transforming our operation from a volunteer base to a non-profit base. We just been awarded 501 (3) (c). We are asking for your help to obtain certain amount of funding so could show to our cooperate sponsors that our services are needed. We believe that you are very passionate about social justice and you find our services important useful. As you might recall, the initial phase is very hard. So please help us to help to you. Any contribution will greatly appreciated. I any of our users (about millions) will donate only $1 we would have a million dollars. Any amount will be greatly appreciated and help in our goal to create textbooks for everyone. Please spread the word.

When Potto apply for grant, one of the first question that is raise is anyone donate you money. We hope that you will be that first one who will give us the push. Furthermore, we going to use this money to construct donation system to Potto Project NFP could stay tor the long run and flourish by producing textbook and other educational materials. Without your contribution we will hard time to start our non-profit operations.

About Potto Project

Potto Project NFP is Non-Profit organization created by Dr. Genick Bar-Meir and friends to build open sourcesoftware and open content textbooks for college students.Over 1,000,000 (million) Potto Project books have been downloaded from 175 different countries since 1995.

Potto Project is under open content licenses, which means that you will always have the freedom to use it, make copies, and improve it. You are encouraged to make use of these freedoms and share the textbooks and program with your family and friends!

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