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How many "Fundamentals of Compressible Flow" book was download
We have reached over 0.5 million downloads of the "Fundamentals of Compressible Flow Mechanics" book from over 170 (out of 193 or so) different countries.
How many "Fundamentals of Die Casting Design" book were download?
We have reached over 300,000 downloads of "Fundamentals of Die Casting Design" from over 100 different countries.

Perhaps one of the indication is the external websites which are tracking this information. For example, about 2-3% users come from e-booksdirectory website which shows as of November 4th, 2012, 16,279 downloads. According to this website and assuming that about 5% are from e-booksdirectory then total downloads estimated to be 325,580.
How many "Basics of Fluid Mechanics" book were download?
We have reached over 1.2 downloads of "Basics of Fluid Mechanics" uncounted different countries. The average book download per day is over 1,000 copies.
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