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Speed of sound in ideal and perfect gases

The speed of sound can be obtained easily for the equation of state for an ideal gas (also perfect gas as a sub set) because of a simple mathematical expression. The pressure for an ideal gas can be expressed as a simple function of density, $ \rho $ , and a function ``molecular structure'' or ratio of specific heats, $ k$ namely
and hence
$\displaystyle c = \sqrt{\Dxy{P}{\rho}} = k \times constant \times \rho^{k-1}$ $\displaystyle =k \times {\overbrace{ constant \times \rho^k}^{P} \over \rho} \hfill$    
  $\displaystyle = k \times {P \over \rho }$ (3.12)

Remember that $ P / \rho $ is defined for an ideal gas as $ RT$ , and equation (3.12) can be written as

Calculate the speed of sound in water vapor at $20 [bar]$ and $350
\celsius$, (a) utilizes the steam table
(b) assuming ideal gas.

The solution can be estimated by using the data from steam table3.3
$\displaystyle c = \sqrt{\Delta P \over \Delta \rho}_{s=constant}$ (3.14)

At $ 20[bar]$ and $ 350 \celsius$ : s = 6.9563 $ \left[ kJ \over K\;
kg\right]$ $ \rho $ = 6.61376 $ \left[ kg \over m^3 \right]$
At $ 18[bar]$ and $ 350 \celsius$ : s = 7.0100 $ \left[ kJ \over K\;
kg\right]$ $ \rho $ = 6.46956 $ \left[ kg \over m^3 \right]$
At $ 18[bar]$ and $ 300 \celsius$ : s = 6.8226 $ \left[ kJ \over K\;
kg\right]$ $ \rho $ = 7.13216 $ \left[ kg \over m^3 \right]$

After interpretation of the temperature:
At $ 18[bar]$ and $ 335.7 \celsius$ : s $ \sim$ 6.9563 $ \left[ kJ \over K\;
kg\right]$ $ \rho \sim$ 6.94199 $ \left[ kg \over m^3 \right]$
and substituting into the equation yields

$\displaystyle c = \sqrt{ 200000 \over 0.32823} = 780.5 \left[ m \over sec \right]$ (3.15)

for ideal gas assumption (data taken from Van Wylen and Sontag, Classical Thermodynamics, table A 8.)

$\displaystyle c = \sqrt{kRT} \sim \sqrt{ 1.327 \times 461 \times
(350 + 273)} \sim
771.5 \left[ m \over sec \right]

Note that a better approximation can be done with a steam table, and it will be part of the future program (Potto-GDC).

\index{speed of sound!linear temperature}
The temperature in the a...
...d to travel from point \lq\lq A'' to
point \lq\lq B'' under this assumption.?

The temperature is denoted at ``A'' as $ T_A$ and temperature in ``B'' is $ T_B$ . The distance between ``A'' and ``B'' is denoted as $ h$ .
$\displaystyle T = (T_B - T_A) {x \over h} + T_A$    

Where the distance $ x$ is the variable distance. It should be noted that velocity is provided as a function of the distance and not the time (another reverse problem). For an infinitesimal time $ dt$ is equal to
$\displaystyle d t = {d x \over \sqrt{kRT(x)} } = {dx \over \sqrt{ kRT_A \left( {(T_B - T_A) x \over T_A h} +1 \right) } }$    

integration of the above equation yields
For assumption of constant temperature the time is
Hence the correction factor
$\displaystyle {t_{corrected} \over t } = \sqrt{T_A \over \bar{T}} {2 \over 3} { T_A \over ( T_B - T_A )} \left( \left(T_B \over T_A\right)^{3\over 2}- 1 \right)$ (3.18)

This correction factor approaches one when $ T_B \longrightarrow T_A$ .

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Created by:Genick Bar-Meir, Ph.D.
On: 2007-11-21