Basics of Fluid Mechanics
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To Do List and Road Map

This book isn't complete and probably never will be completed. There will always new problems to add or to polish the explanations or include more new materials. Also issues that associated with the book like the software has to be improved. It is hoped the changes in TEX and LATEX related to this book in future will be minimal and minor. It is hoped that the style file will be converged to the final form rapidly. Nevertheless, there are specific issues which are on the ``table'' and they are described herein.

At this stage, some chapters are missing. Specific missing parts from every chapters are discussed below. These omissions, mistakes, approach problems are sometime appears in the book when possible. You are always welcome to add a new material: problem, question, illustration or photo of experiment. Material can be further illuminate. Additional material can be provided to give a different angle on the issue at hand.


The chapter in beta stage and will be boosted in the future.


To add this chapter.

Inviscid Flow

To add the unsteady Bernoulli in moving frames To add K-J condition and Add properties.


To add this chapter.

Internal Viscous Flow

To add this Chapter.

Open Channel Flow

The chapter isn't in the development stage yet. Some parts were taken from Fundamentals of Die Casting Design book and are in a process of improvement.


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