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Fundamentals of Compressible Flow Mechanics

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Downloads ver. 0.5.0 July 15 2021

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Version is available for online viewing. Version hasn't converted yet for on-line viewing.
Release Notes,
The ver. 0.5.0 July 15, 2021
Version 0.5.0
Release Notes, ChangeLog.
Download ver. 0.5.0
Software: Potto-GDC ver. 0.5
Screenshots let you see how the Potto-GDC looks like while it's running. They can give you a good feel for what Potto-GDC is like without downloading the program. You also can the cover pages of the books (back and front). Potto-GDC downloads
Book Front and Back covers
Front Cover Back Cover Copyright Notice
Cover of Compressible 
					Flow Book Back Cover of Compressible Flow Book The front Cover is copyright by Michael Petschauer at happy_circle@yahoo.com. This cover is under Potto Copyright License. You can click on the images to enlarge them.
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Gas Dynamics Tables
Here you can see and get the largest, most extensive gas dynamics tables in the world. These tables were generated by the Potto-GDC. The Gas dynamics tables can be downloaded in several formats.
Gas Dynamics Equation Summary
Here you can see and get equation summary from the book ``Fundamentals of Compressible Flow.'' The equation summary can be downloaded in several formats. Note that not all the equations included yet. If you feel that any equations is missing please report to Dr. Genick Bar-Meir. For the time being, check the hard copy of the book for the missing equations.

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