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General Information
Contributions to the current live textbooks, die casting, compressible flow, and fluid mechanics, of text, code or patches, please read our text Corrections Style Guide first. public write access isn't provided to the source text/code repository, but you can send your contributions to the project maintainers.
Big contribution
You need to provide time and knowledge and some skills to write a engineering textbook. So you can be a gate keeper. You don't have to finish a whole book even a small skeleton will be good start that other can continue your work.
Small contributions
This kind of contribution are the easiest. Adding examples and minor typo.
Language contributions
This kind of contributions are the very welcome. If you know English or web design scripting (bash, perl, c, c++) etc. you can help a lot .
Currently projects that you can help with:
  1. create a nomenclature for all the books (compressible flow and die casting books) using the LaTeX nomenclature style file see here.
  2. Convert the die casting book into html using latex2html and make the necessary change to adjust it to net.
  3. Make list of examples for the book and other indexing issues.

About Potto Project

Potto Project NFP is Non-Profit organization created by Dr. Genick Bar-Meir and friends to build open sourcesoftware and open content textbooks for college students.Over 1,000,000 (million) Potto Project books have been downloaded from 175 different countries since 1995.

Potto Project is under open content licenses, which means that you will always have the freedom to use it, make copies, and improve it. You are encouraged to make use of these freedoms and share the textbooks and program with your family and friends!

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