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Fundamentals of Compressible Flow
This book, Fundamentals of Compressible Flow, describes the fundamentals of compressible flow phenomena for engineers and others. This book is designed to replace the book(s) or instructor's notes for the compressible flow in (mostly) undergraduate classes for engineering/science students. The structure of this book is such that many of the chapters can be used independently. Naturally, this book contains material that never was published before. For example, the analytical solution for oblique shock (compare this book to any other book on this topic), and analytical solutions many of the moving shock situations, the "naughty professor's questions", evacuating and filling of chambers appear only in this book. Of cause, this books have more worked examples than any other book (per chapter). Read on line,  Release Notes, ChangeLog, Download, and Software.
Screenshots of the cover of the book and the back of the book if you decided to print the book. Book screenshots
The software at this time is Potto-Gas Dynamics Calculator (Potto-GDC). This to most extensive calculator known to human kind for gas dynamics. Download
Fundamentals of Die Casting Design
This book is revolutionary in its field.  While the complete background story behind the book was included in book (under construction), the book was adapted by many (see the number of downloads).  Currently the book is available only pdf format only.  Abstract, About the book, Download.
Basics of Fluid Mechanics
This book is written to replace all the undergraduate fluid mechanics textbooks. The author could not stop himself from indulging in writing in a deeper level than other books. An example of such writing, the chapter on fluid static is the most extensive available. The typical material used in many classes is included (or will be included since the book isn't complete yet) in the book. Additionally, this book is different by providing the most updated information on compressible flow. For example, the analytical Bar-Meir's solution to oblique shock is presented. The book will also have a chapter on multi-phase flow. Download Release Notes ChangeLog.

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