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Abstract of "Fundamentals of Die Casting Design"

Die-casting engineers have to compete not only with other die-casting companies, but also against other industries such as plastics, and composite materials. Clearly, the "black art" approach, which has been an inseparable part of the engineer's tools, is in need of being replaced by a scientific approach. Excuses that ``science has not and never will work'' need to be replaced with ``science does work''. All technologies developed in recent years are described in a clear, simple manner inthis book. All the errors of the old models and the violations of physical laws are shown. For example, the ``common'' \pQtwo{} diagram violates many physical laws, such as the first and second laws of thermodynamics. Furthermore, the ``common'' \pQtwo{} diagram produces trends that are the opposite of reality, which are described in this book. The die casting engineer's job is to produce maximum profits for the company. In order to achieve this aim, the engineer must design high quality products at a minimum cost. Thus, understanding the economics of the die casting design and process are essential. These are described in mathematical form for the first time in this volume. Many new concepts and ideas are also introduced. For instance, how to minimize the scrap/cost due to the runner system, and what size of die casting machine is appropriate for a specific project. The die-casting industry is undergoing a revolution, and this book is part of it. One reason (if one reason can describe the situation) companies such as Doehler Jorvis (the biggest die caster in the world) and Shelby are going bankrupt is that they do not know how to calculate and reduce their production costs. It is my hope that die-casters will turn such situations around by using the technologies presented in this book. I believe this is the only way to keep the die casting professionals and the industry itself, from being ``left in the dust.'' Download

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