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Reactions to Potto Project

Genick Bar-Meir, Ph.D.

January 3, 2008

Version 1.0

Potto Project got many reactions during its existence. The vast majority of reactions is positive. However, some reactions are interesting and here below are some of these reactions.

I specially was happy to receive the reaction from David D. Marshall passive aggressive reaction. His motives are really and truly irrelevant, but they bring very important point of Bar-Meir's analytical solution which changes the way oblique shock is taught or should be taught. In way, Marshall is complemented by Andrew Resnick's reaction. The adviser of Bar-Meir, E.R.G. Eckert who also considered as the father of modern heat transfer, was very sadden to get passive aggressive reactions to his revolutionary book (which brought the dimensionless concept (usage of dimensionless numbers) to heat transfer teaching). As oppose to Eckert, Bar-Meir find these reactions as inseparable part of a new reception to new idea.

The best reaction that Bar-Meir has received is from a Professor who was Bar-Meir's TA (when the professor was a Ph.D. candidate). This professor email to say that he is teaching Bar-Meir's pricing theories from Bar-Meir's book on Die Casting.

A simple research show that an anonymous user joint Wikipodia mainly to remove all links to Potto Project and some minimal editing work around the time of the removal. The fact that one spend so much energy to remove all references to Potto Project must view as a complement. There are people like, Milton Beychok, from Newport Beach, CA, U.S.A. who claims, without reading the book, that open content books are ``not good.'' Some individuals do not agree with concenpt of ``open content" (see for example, Dr. Resnick). This concept hasn't had also warming reactions from the older professors in USA. The Potto Project books are recommended in countries like India, U.K., Singapore, even in organization like NASA etc. It is expected that the situation will change in the near future in USA.

One of the common question which is asked, why the negative reactions are collected and presented, while almost no positive reactions are shown. The answer is relatively simple, one to make a point and two positive reaction is pleasant but not interesting. Additionally, it make clear that creating an open content isn't easy task. Yes, the number of downloads moves very fast and soon it will be hard to believe that there were so much opposition. Many instructors have started to copy and use the Potto Project materials, yet, some of them omit reference to this web site or to the author of those materials. This situation is expect and surely will change in the future.

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