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6 Philipp Epple, Oct 25, 2005 : questions

Thank you for your kind mail. I looked in your book and it seems a good one. I will keep it in my electronic bookshelf. Of course I also have other books on gas dynamics, like the ones Of Shapiro, Liepman & Roshko, Anderson end some more. So please Let me ask you something:

  1. What was your motivation in writing your book?

  2. Where did you get my mail address from?


Thank you for your kind comment. Below are my answers to your questions.

I wrote this book to help my clients who are manufacturing engineers to understand the fundamentals of compressible flow. This book as you probably noticed is not complete. As a strong believer in open source, I hope with the reactions and help from the community, to create a book that explain the material to ``layman''. On the other hand, to provide new material such as evacuation and filling gaseous chamber and new approach of bounding the real flow between Fanno and isothermal flow. In my opinion, book such as Anderson even though excellent, lack description of isothermal flow and other models, which this book provides.

I got your eMail by looking for professors of compressible flow. I apologize for intruding. If you do not mind, I would like to add this correspondence to my web site.


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