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4 Are you right and is everyone else wrong?

This question is combination of two individuals: K. Gupta, Bombay, India and Y. Li, Yahoo(email), unknown country Oct 29, 2005:

I have been teaching gas dynamics for several years. Your book conflicts with other books. Do you believe that you are right and everyone else is wrong?


Dear Sir,

Thank you for your response.

I believe that my work is only improvement of the existing theories. As I wrote the statement in the beginning of my book citing John (see the second page of this book "We are like dwarfs sitting on the shoulders of giants.''), I genuinely believe so. For example Prandtl and Meyer and others have shown and explained the oblique shock. My work does not contradict their work, at least I do not think so. Others have found graphical and numerical solutions to the equations of the oblique shock. I only found the analytical solution to the oblique shock equation. If they have had to opportunity to examine the analytical solution, they would come to the same conclusions as I present in my book (more work is underway in the close view and other points).

The gravity question and change of the shock location was easy to analysis. I wondered about this question in reaction to the high acceleration of space missions. However, I do not believe that this contradict with any other work. My presentation about the gaseous various chambers does not contradict any other work, it is original work. My presentation on Fanno flow has grown out from Shapiro's work. All my additions to this work, are minimal compared with Shapiro's analysis. My additions do not contradict with his or any other work that I am aware of.

Thank you again for the question. If you do not have any objections, I will post this correspondence in my web site.


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