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3 Grigory Toker Nov 27, 2005: RE: please review a compressible flow book

Dear Sir,
Thank you for your book, just today I have started to study it. Unfortunately my students are not specialized in gas dynamics and in Aerospace Engineering, but it should be useful for myself. Now I am a Research Professor at Cuernavaco U in Mexico and far away from a wind tunnel testing. During 5 years since 1993 to 1998 I developed and designed novel holographic interference schemes at the Supersonic Wind Tunnel lab. (the Technion) and Schlieren schemes at Hypersonic Wind Tunnel at Israel Aircraft Ind. I do not know do you perform experiments in the area of compressible flows? I continue to be interested in gas dynamics experiments up to now and prepared the project "Studying of Supersonic Micro Jets by advanced methods of Holographic Interferometry". It will be applied in December. Sure your material regarding jet gas dynamics will be applicable. Your book came to me just in time.
Cordially Yours,
Grigory Toker


Dear Grigory,

Thank you for your kind letter. Can you send me a copy of your papers? I do not know the people in Technion who are dealing with gas dynamics. I know some who are in chemical engineering with the exception of Shizer (not sure of the spelling) and he is in the area of air conditioning (environmental engineering). Are you teaching standard fluid mechanics material?

Bytheway, can I post your letter on my web site?

Again thank you for your kind letter.


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