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1 Andrew Resnick, Ph.D., May , 2006: You are too late!

I think you are 50 years too late on this one.

Andrew Resnick, Ph.D.
Department of Physiology and Biophysics
Case Western Reserve University


Dear Dr. Andrew Resnick,

I am sorry to allude you to many changes occurred in the field of compressible flow since the 1135 report (1953) as you suggested. I kindly suggest that you read my book, for example, the chapter on oblique shock which explain the analytical solution, etc. I would also recommend that you read the history chapter to learn when all these advances occurred1.

Thank you,

Genick Bar-Meir

Thank you again for the remark. If you do not have any objections I will post this correspondence in my web site.

Genick Bar-Meir |||
copyright , 2007

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