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11 A. K. Hussein, Ph.D. 13 December 2007

Dear Dr. Genick Bar [sec] - Meir


I am very happy because I contact with you .I hope that you are in a good health . I am a professor in mechanical engineering department and director of postgrauate program in Babylon university in Iraq .I very admire about your book related to compressible fluid flow, entitled Fundamentals of compressible fluid mechanics so please we need a copy from the manual solution related tothis book if available to use it in Msc and PhD courses because it is not available in our country. Finally I hope that you are and your family in good health. Thank you very much


Babylon University-College of Engineering-

Mechanical Engineering Department

Babylon City –Hilla -Iraq



Thank you for your letter. All the material that can be provided is accessible from the web site There is no other material that is only for a certain group of people. The only exception is the material which was developed for commercial companies and that material will be release after some time. Sorry, I made a promise! The introduction fluid mechanics textbook will be release shortly. I will be happy to notify you when it will be released.

Thanks you for your kind letter.

Genick Bar-Meir

ps. if you do not have any objection I will post this correspondence in the net.

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