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10 EMBaero anonymous, 21 October 2007

From the same anonymous guy on the previous statements.

Are you actually saying that you are the most famous person related to compressible flow? Google brings up your compressible text, but it does not appear that you have a single peer-reviewed publication related to compressible flow. Is that correct? I've looked through your text. While most of the derivations appear to be correct, it is the explanations and qualitative observations along with those equations that make a good text. Your text is severely lacking when it comes to those issues. To me, it just looks like you took some of the old compressible flow books and copied the equations from them. If those equations are copied from any of the compressible flow authors that I know, I will tell them to pursue plagiarism charges.


Dear EMBaero,

I will be the first to concur that any degree of fame, for me or anyone else, should not be the reason why anyone should be convinced of what is said. Any findings must be judged on merit. Based on your accusation, I seem to be accused of striving for domination in the field of compressible flow. You are partially correct. I am striving to write the best book in this area. Apparently, some people appreciate my effort. We find that over 70,000 copies have been downloaded to date. Based on feedback, I can tell you that many students as well as professional practitioners enjoy using my book.

You claim that I hide, but I have told you my name and you know my address and my phone number. Is there something I missed? Unsettling for me is that you do not reveal your identity as I do, and that you do not appear to treat the merit of my work with fairness and objectivity. You have also delivered incorrect scientific claims. In turn, I feel your opinion about my book is meaningless, as would the 70,000 people who use my book.



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