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About This Author

Genick Bar-Meir holds a Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering from University of Minnesota and a Master in Fluid Mechanics from Tel Aviv University. Dr. Bar-Meir was the last student of the late Dr. R.G.E. Eckert. Much of his time has been spend doing research in the field of heat and mass transfer (this includes fluid mechanics) related to manufacturing processes and design. Currently, he spends time writing books and software for the POTTO project (see Potto Prologue). The author enjoys to encourages his students to understand the material beyond the basic requirements of exams.

In his early part of his professional life, Bar-Meir was mainly interested in elegant models whether they have or not a practical applicability. Now, this author's views had changed and the virtue of the practical part of any model becomes the essential part of his ideas, books and softwares.

He developed models for Mass Transfer in high concentration that became a building blocks for many other models. These models are based on analytical solution to a family of equations1. As the change in the view occurred, Bar-Meir developed models that explained several manufacturing processes such the rapid evacuation of gas from containers, the critical piston velocity in a partially filled chamber (related to hydraulic jump), supply and demand to rapid change power system and etc. All the models have practical applicability.

These models have been extended by several research groups (needless to say with large research grants). For example, the Spanish Comision Interministerial provides grants TAP97-0489 and PB98-0007, and the CICYT and the European Commission provides 1FD97-2333 grants for minor aspects of that models. Moreover, the author's models were used in numerical works, in GM, British industry, Spain, and even Iran.

The author believes that this book, as in the past, will promote new research. More than that, this author believes that the book will blaze a trail of new understanding.

The author lives with his wife and three children. A past project of his was building a four stories house, practically from scratch. While he writes his programs and does other computer chores, he often feels clueless about computers and programing. While he known to look like he know about many things, the author just know to learn quickly. The author spent years working on the sea (ships) as a engine sea officer but now the author prefers to remain on solid ground.

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Created by:Genick Bar-Meir, Ph.D.
On: 2007-11-21