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How this book is organized

This book is divided into two parts. The first discusses the basic science required by a die-casting engineer; the second is dedicated to die-casting-specific science. The die-casting specific is divided into several chapters. Each chapter is divided into three sections: section 1 describes the ``commonly'' believed models; section 2 discusses why this model is wrong or unreasonable; and section 3 shows the correct, or better, way to do the calculations. I have made great efforts to show what existed before science ``came'' to die casting. I have done this to show the errors in previous models which make them invalid, and to ``prove'' the validity of science. I hope that, in the second edition, none of this will be needed since science will be accepted and will have gained validity in the die casting community. Please read about my battle to get the information out and how the establishment react to it.

Genick Bar-Meir |||
copyright Dec , 2006

The pdf version is also available here