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7.6 The Intensification Consideration

Intensification is a process in which pressure is increased making the liquid metal flows during the solidification process to ensure compensation for the solidification shrinkage of the liquid metal (up to 20%). The intensification is applied by two methods: one) by applying additional pump, two) by increasing the area of the actuator (the multiplier method, or the prefill method)23.

put schematic figure of how it is done from the patent by die casting companies. The first method does not increase the intensification force to ``'' by much. However, the second method, commonly used today in the industry, can increase considerably the ratio.

why? to put discussion

A very small plunger diameter creates faster solidification, and therefore the actual force is reduced. Conversely, a very large plunger diameter creates a very small pressure for driving the liquid metal.

discuss the the resistance as a function of the diameter

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